Pumpkins Are Now Looking Like Pumpkins

pumpkinMy first year growing pumpkins I was wondering if I had planted something else as I had expected them to be that pumpkin orange a lot earlier than the change actually happened so this year I was clued in but still glad to see the colours coming out.

I didn’t get to plant any pumpkins this year, sadly, but I have been following the progress of the YMCA Community gardens and these small but healthy looking specimens seem to be enjoying all the sun and rain this summer. They still have a month to go maybe even longer so they could double in size.


We haven’t had a Halloween pumpkin since our son stopped enjoying it as much as we did and moved away for work. Maybe they will come back with a grandchild and we can make some Jack-o-Lanterns.

Jenny And I Visited Butterfly World Moncton

butterflyJenny and I were suppose to go to Fundy National park Friday but things fell apart when it started raining so we went to Butterfly World  in Moncton across from Magnetic Hill.

I took my camera of course and we got to see a variety of butterflies I have never seen before other than the Monarch butterflies from when I was a kid growing up in Ontario in farm country.

We got inside just as the rain started and it rained hard. It would have been nice if the sun was out so the lighting would have been better. As it was it was a light but not quite enough.

Don’t think by the last statement that we didn’t enjoy ourselves. We had a great time but Fundy Park would have been an entire day trip. Butterfly World was just about an hour and I had seen all I could see.

blue butterfly blue morpho on window

monarch butterflySome of the butterflies had slightly damaged wings but little kids don’t mean to hurt them while they are learning. Most of the time it’s by accident.

We were able to attract butterflies to slices of orange peel or to gently put your finger in front of them so they can walk onto it. I got Jenny to do this with the big brown butterfly with the eyes in the wings called the Blue Morpho. When she put her finger close the butterfly open her wings to walk on her finger. Beautiful creature.

I am learning the names of these butterflies from the Butterfly World Butterfly Guide.

black butterfly

blue morpho butterflyI even got to see a Blue Morpho drying as it had just come out of its now empty pupa. It was in a small heat controlled Plexiglas chamber so I couldn’t get very close to them. It was easy to see them all and it is amazing how many varieties were in there.

They open a window at the top of the booth where kids can’t get there hand in to touch anything and to allow the new butterflies to exit once they are strong enough. So very cool.

I have captured caterpillars in my yard and fed them the leaves they had been found on until they went into the pupal stage. Very fun to watch and a good project to do with your kids or grand kids.

Then I would watch them until they arrived into this world as a butterfly or moth. I then released them outside. I just released a cabbage moth yesterday and thought my dad would have kicked my butt for letting it go anywhere near the garden.

We were back home by lunch time and just in time to avoid being out in the pouring rain and wind. We timed it between down pours without even trying. Sometimes it’s great when things go your way and you stay dry.

This rain has been great for our gardens and we got a chance to see a local site Butterfly World.