Solving Our Vegetable Garden Flooding Problem

I selected the location for our vegetable garden based the fact it’s the furthest away from the sidewalk and less likely to be raided by kids of all ages. The thing is I never put any thought into how low that spot is.

Well after a few years of being frustrated with flooding each spring and replanting or replacing plants after flooding I decided it was time to raise the veggie garden a few inches to make the north end level with the south end of the garden. So I picked up the phone and called Audubon Organics on Mapleton road Moncton and ordered 2 cubic yards of garden soil, 1 cubic yard of organic compost as well as a cubic yard of mulch.

I am not going to just dump in in the garden. First I plan to dig up the north end deep enough to bury dead branch and yard waste from the winter, all organic of course, and then cover it with a thick layer of garden quality soil.

Going To Order Some Garden Soil And Mulch This Year

compost binI like to compost everything we can but we only have a small compost bin so I don’t produce nearly as much compost as we need. Because of that we buy a lot of soil which adds up.

This year we have decided to contact Audubon Organics here in Moncton and have some garden soil, compost and mulch which will do us all summer long. The fact this will be in bulk we will get it much cheaper than buying by the bag.

We do have spring flowers growing now as well as leaves are finally appearing on trees It was looking pretty bare for too long so we’re quite pleased Spring has arrived. Now we can get on with the yard clean up. By then the veggie garden should be workable.

I started many of our garden seeds already, expecting the weather to be better, so now they are not getting enough sunlight and will start getting spindly looking if I don’t get them outside in the direct sunlight.

A Late Spring Is Causing Flooding Problems

pussy willows at sunriseWe are already into the first week of May and we haven’t been able to get any yard clean up done. Add to that the fact I have not been able to place a foot in our vegetable garden as it has been flooded since the snow melted.

I find that a bit depressing but the more green I see the less depressed I am. On a positive note the temperature has stayed above freezing, even at night, for a week now. At least here in Moncton.

Because of the problem we have with flooding I have decided to raised the north end of our vegetable garden to match the level of the south end which seldom floods at all. I just need to let it dry out before I can start.

This project may take me most of the summer. I can only do this a little at a time because of health issues. It took me more than a month to build my hugelkultur bed last spring and I only thought it would take me a week.

For that reason I may have a very small vegetable section this year. I am however planting a lot of flowers this year which I have been wanting to do for almost a decade.

I have already started many flower seeds in the house but in a few days I will be moving my mini greenhouse outdoors so they get more direct sunlight. Then as the seeds sprout and grow to the size I want I will start planting a few new areas of our yard.

sunrise on the field