Spring Has Sprung And My Coleus Is Looking Vibrant Again

bright coleusI love my coleus plant even when it’s kind of dull looking through those low light months of winter but when the sun hits us in the spring it only takes a few days to go from dull to vibrant again.

It is also the time of year that this coleus starts to grow. I can have one little coleus plant about 6 inches tall and it can produce enough growth that I will be able to plant dozens of coleus in our yard by the time the ground thaws and freezing nights stop.

coleus in raised bed
My Coleus Once I Put It Outdoors For The Summer

The coleus above is from the same little cutting you see in the top left image. They just get so dark once they have direct sunlight outdoors.

Last year I bought another coleus which is different from the ones above and I had a hard time getting any clippings to survive but I tried that last fall. Hopefully now that the spring sun is here I might be able to get some clippings to plant outdoors.