Our Mountain Ashe Makes Smile

mountain ashe berries
Healthy Example of a Mountain Ashe

mountain ashe leaves changingThe Mountain Ashe in the photo above isn’t our tree but it is right in our neighbourhood and one of the trees that made me want it in my backyard.

So I was quite excited when I find a couple growing in our yard. One in the front yard and the other in the backyard along our property fence.

The one on the fence is about 4 foot tall however it would have been double this high if I hadn’t cut it off along with the rose canes I didn’t want. It was of course an accident and I’m glad to see it started growing back.

The leaves are a bright green except for the those that are making the change to red and eventually a very cool brown before they fall off. The photos below are on the same 4 foot tree on the same day.

summer autumn mountain ashe leaves
Mountain Ashe Leaves On Same Day