A Late Spring Is Causing Flooding Problems

pussy willows at sunriseWe are already into the first week of May and we haven’t been able to get any yard clean up done. Add to that the fact I have not been able to place a foot in our vegetable garden as it has been flooded since the snow melted.

I find that a bit depressing but the more green I see the less depressed I am. On a positive note the temperature has stayed above freezing, even at night, for a week now. At least here in Moncton.

Because of the problem we have with flooding I have decided to raised the north end of our vegetable garden to match the level of the south end which seldom floods at all. I just need to let it dry out before I can start.

This project may take me most of the summer. I can only do this a little at a time because of health issues. It took me more than a month to build my hugelkultur bed last spring and I only thought it would take me a week.

For that reason I may have a very small vegetable section this year. I am however planting a lot of flowers this year which I have been wanting to do for almost a decade.

I have already started many flower seeds in the house but in a few days I will be moving my mini greenhouse outdoors so they get more direct sunlight. Then as the seeds sprout and grow to the size I want I will start planting a few new areas of our yard.

sunrise on the field

Spring 2014 Is Finally Here So Let’s Get Ready For Gardening.

First Crocus of springIt was a long white winter here in New Brunswick this year so now we have a very wet spring with plenty of flooding. Maybe a sign of future conditions which isn’t a good sign for the location I have our vegetable garden. This means I need to either move the garden or raise the garden enough to avoid minor flooding.

The front of the yard is higher than the back and the front of the house has a flower bed with one bed on either side of the front steps.

The crocus have just popped up over the last week. It’s been so nice to see the snow leave our yard even if it means some lawns will need mowing.