Veggie Gardening Is Over Let’s Go Shoot Something

antique wagon wheelOkay I don’t have a gun but I do have a few cameras and they love being taken out for a walk or maybe even get to go on a photography day trip to somewhere nice like the Kingston Photo Nature Park. So glad Brian Black of the Focus Camera Club Moncton invited me along.

I didn’t get much sleep Friday night as I was so excited as well as very nervous going somewhere with a bunch of strangers that are good photographers. So when Brian stopped by at 6:30 am I was a little tired but very wired.

Just the drive alone was breath taking with all the autumn colours everywhere I looked which of course made me very happy someone else was driving and I got to just admire all the scenery along the way to Kingston, New Brunswick.

My photo in the top left corner was the first photo I took once we arrived at our destination and was right at the driveway leading into Kingston Photo Nature Park and as much as I love wagon wheels it couldn’t have been a better thing to photograph. What a great start to the day.

Inside Kingston Photo Nature Park

ladybug kingston photo nature park

Brain parked the car in a nice grass open field which is so much better than a paved parking lot. We started walking to the house/office to sign up for any of the outings they were offering that day when I heard a lady’s voice say ‘ladybug’ and my attention automatically turned in that direction.

She was taking a photo or two of cute little orange ladybug on a dried flower head. I watched them for a minute and when they moved on I jumped right and to see if the ladybug was still there and she was so I got a couple of photos as well.

I then continued walking down from the parking field to the house. I saw the places that we could go outside the park but once I saw the map for the park I wasn’t about to go anywhere else. Maybe on a second visit but I felt there was so much for me to see here that I didn’t need to go elsewhere.

So Much To Photograph So Little Time

scarecrow and pumpkinI stood around and listened to what was going on and what was offered. My goodness they even offered a lunch but I had brought my own so I didn’t need that this time.

While I was listening for any info I might need to know I saw a bench next to the house with the not so scary scarecrow with a blanket and pumpkin. My attention now changed focus and I moved over to the scarecrow for a few photos while still listening a little bit.

I had been focused on the scarecrow with one ear listening to the group on the right of me next to the house so I completely missed the cute log cabin just to my left. I did come back down to the house a few times through the day and eventually saw it.

log cabin
Reminded Me of My Childhood

I lived in a log cabin in 1961 in the new foster home I was moved to. I only lived in the log cabin for just over a year as they were building a new home right next to it. The new home was nice but nothing like the adventure of living in a log cabin.

Once the group signups for off-site trips was done Brian and I headed up one of the trails. I was getting moss and tree shots while Brian headed for the bird watching station. I caught up with him later but next I headed to the antique cars sitting in a field near the bird feeding station and one of the ponds.

Old Aged Rusting Antique Cars

antique car

On the farm where I was placed at age 8 years old where some old cars that were just rusting away where no one would ever get to enjoy them like photographers do but I sure played around on the with my kid brother Johnny.

I think I spent more than an hour just taking photos of small sections of these cars and old farm equipment. So much fun and history in that field. So of the old farm equipment was the same stuff we used on our farm back in the 60s and it was already old back then.

birdfeederI see lot of birds at home but I did take the opportunity to sit for a while and enjoy a cookie and some water. I even took a few shots with one hand as I was stuffing my face.

Once I had quenched my thirst and enjoy a chocolate cookie or two I took a few photos of the old farm implements that were next to the antique cars and the small pond with the canoe and row boat.

At first there was no canoe in that pond but by the time I was done with the antique photos I noticed it was there just floating around in the breeze. Very cool sight.

canoe in pond
Drifting Canoe on Pond

Well that was not all I saw and photographed but that’s it for today. I will write another post a little later.

This was an opportunity I am so glad I didn’t turn down so I would like to say thanks to the owner and co-owner at Kingston Photo Nature park as well as all the kind, polite and happy volunteers that made our day so much fun. Again thanks to Brian Black and the Moncton Focus Camera Club for the invitation.

Jenny And I Visited Butterfly World Moncton

butterflyJenny and I were suppose to go to Fundy National park Friday but things fell apart when it started raining so we went to Butterfly World  in Moncton across from Magnetic Hill.

I took my camera of course and we got to see a variety of butterflies I have never seen before other than the Monarch butterflies from when I was a kid growing up in Ontario in farm country.

We got inside just as the rain started and it rained hard. It would have been nice if the sun was out so the lighting would have been better. As it was it was a light but not quite enough.

Don’t think by the last statement that we didn’t enjoy ourselves. We had a great time but Fundy Park would have been an entire day trip. Butterfly World was just about an hour and I had seen all I could see.

blue butterfly blue morpho on window

monarch butterflySome of the butterflies had slightly damaged wings but little kids don’t mean to hurt them while they are learning. Most of the time it’s by accident.

We were able to attract butterflies to slices of orange peel or to gently put your finger in front of them so they can walk onto it. I got Jenny to do this with the big brown butterfly with the eyes in the wings called the Blue Morpho. When she put her finger close the butterfly open her wings to walk on her finger. Beautiful creature.

I am learning the names of these butterflies from the Butterfly World Butterfly Guide.

black butterfly

blue morpho butterflyI even got to see a Blue Morpho drying as it had just come out of its now empty pupa. It was in a small heat controlled Plexiglas chamber so I couldn’t get very close to them. It was easy to see them all and it is amazing how many varieties were in there.

They open a window at the top of the booth where kids can’t get there hand in to touch anything and to allow the new butterflies to exit once they are strong enough. So very cool.

I have captured caterpillars in my yard and fed them the leaves they had been found on until they went into the pupal stage. Very fun to watch and a good project to do with your kids or grand kids.

Then I would watch them until they arrived into this world as a butterfly or moth. I then released them outside. I just released a cabbage moth yesterday and thought my dad would have kicked my butt for letting it go anywhere near the garden.

We were back home by lunch time and just in time to avoid being out in the pouring rain and wind. We timed it between down pours without even trying. Sometimes it’s great when things go your way and you stay dry.

This rain has been great for our gardens and we got a chance to see a local site Butterfly World.

Solving Our Vegetable Garden Flooding Problem

I selected the location for our vegetable garden based the fact it’s the furthest away from the sidewalk and less likely to be raided by kids of all ages. The thing is I never put any thought into how low that spot is.

Well after a few years of being frustrated with flooding each spring and replanting or replacing plants after flooding I decided it was time to raise the veggie garden a few inches to make the north end level with the south end of the garden. So I picked up the phone and called Audubon Organics on Mapleton road Moncton and ordered 2 cubic yards of garden soil, 1 cubic yard of organic compost as well as a cubic yard of mulch.

I am not going to just dump in in the garden. First I plan to dig up the north end deep enough to bury dead branch and yard waste from the winter, all organic of course, and then cover it with a thick layer of garden quality soil.