Finally Getting More Yard Work Done

tomatoes in raised bedIt was a strange spring for us and a lot of other people around the world. So much rain this spring that we couldn’t get into the vegetable garden. But I did manage to get two of the three raised beds built and placed in the garden.

Planted tomatoes and green peppers in the two 4’ x 8’ x 10” raised beds. I also added a lot of mulch around each raised bed so we can walk in the garden with making a muddy mess of.

Next we had a stretch of 30+ Celsius temperatures that put me on the sidelines for a few more weeks. I was only able to work early in the mornings because by 8 or 9 am it was already hotter than I could stand. So glad we did manage to get some veggies growing before the heat knocked the crap out of me.

Bought And Planted A Hydrangea

hydrangeaWe finally bout that hydrangea we wanted and I planted in the south part of the yard where people will be able to see it from the sidewalk and we will be able to see it from our kitchen window.

I have a couple of old tires I had planted flowers in last year but this year I used them to create the exact size of circle I wanted for the planting holes.

A week or two ago we were at Canadian Tire where I saw a small hydrangea I wanted in our yard. The tire helped me make a perfectly round hole and after I planted the hydrangea I added a thick layer of dark mulch to help keep moister in the ground as well as to keep weeds from growing.

Our Hugelkultur is Coming To Life

For a while this spring I wasn’t sure if I was going to see any flowers growing on the hugelkultur bed I created last year. Fortunately it has started producing beautiful poppies again as well as a few other flowers.

poppy flower