Rudbeckia–Coneflower–Black-Eyed Susan Flowers

early morning sunI love seeing large groupings of Black-Eyed Susan flowers when I go for walks and take photographs to share online.

Well, last year I created my first Hugelkultur bed and planted it with wildflowers. I enjoyed so many gorgeous flowers for the summer and into the fall.

However one flower I didn’t see was the Black-Eyed Susan or Coneflower from the plant genus Rudbeckia in the family named Asteraceae.

This year the Hugelkultur bed filled with Black-Eyed Susan which has me confused. The only thing I can think of that might make sense is if the seeds only produce the following year so maybe I should have planted them in the fall.

I took a walk to Centennial park a couple of weeks ago. The route I took to get there included a stop at Jones Lake as I had not been there for years. These Black-Eyed Susans greeted me at the entrance to the park. Aren’t they beautiful?

black eyed susans jones lake
Black Eyed Susan Group at Jones Lake

I like them so much I plan to start a couple more beds around the yard for the colour as well as to attract more pollinators. The group outside my office always has pollinators on them so the more the merrier.

Happy Home Gardening in Your Backyard