Going To Have To Start My Vegetable Seed Over Again

cherry blossomsHoly crap I’m having a hard time getting anything started in our vegetable garden but I’m not planting anything until I have the north end raised a few inches to stop the flooding every time it looks cloudy.

The top inch of garden soil was drying out nicely but too wet just below that to start working. In just minutes I would have a big muddy mess and then it started raining again. In just a couple of hours 22mm had come down and soaked but didn’t flood my garden. Just a day or two of sun and it will be ready to start digging.

Hey Squirrels, chipmunks and mice stop digging up my starter seeds and plants. I didn’t actually see who did the damage but either way it sucked to open my garage door yesterday morning only to see all the dirt dug out of the pots and leaves nibbled off the plants.

Lost all my sunflowers and even the extra seeds I had planned to start outdoors. Little buggers eh?

Splitting Hostas Today

hostaThe Hosta Jenny planted next to the garage a few years ago is big enough now that I suggested we split it into 4 or 5 sections and make a flower bed out of them. So now we have 5 smaller hostas along the side of the garage.

It’s only 5 degrees Celsius today so I started off feeling a little chilly but a few minutes with the shovel and I was all warmed up.

This hosta is now cut up into 5 sections and stretched across the north side of the garage. Looks pretty messy but once they start to get their leaves they will look a whole lot better.