We Visited Shediac New Brunswick

breakfast at corasJenny and I put off the yard work for a couple of days and rented a car so we could drive around to check out the autumn colours. On our second day we paid a visit to the Shediac area.

I thought it would be nice to start our day with a breakfast at Cora’s restaurant as we don’t usually eat breakfast out.

We really enjoyed our Cora’s breakfast but we really could have just shared one breakfast as there was way too much to eat in just one sitting.

Then it was off to Shediac with stuffed bellies.

Lookout Shediac Here We Come

giant shediac lobsterIt turned out to be a rather rainy day but we didn’t le that stop us so our first stop was to say hello to the Shediac giant lobster and the captain.

Jenny has often wondered what the captain was looking at out there so she climbed up and looked for herself. Nothing but water so nobodies ship was coming in today.

Next to the giant lobster is a little tourist shop that had some nice buoys hanging from their walls which I thought looked really cool and I’m not even a tourist. I also liked the shingle siding on the shop.

tourist shoppe

Once we had a couple of photos and looked around we were back in the car and off to Pointe-Du-Chene wharf another spot I love to see every time we come to Shediac. Love the view and seeing people fish for mackerel.

While we were there we saw 6 people with fishing rods. We parked in the middle of the wharf and walked to the end of the wharf to our right then turned and walked to the opposite end just in time to see the only one with a fish all the way at the other end. He not only had a fish he landed 5 mackerel all on the same line. Holy Mackerel.

I have done a little mackerel fishing and have experienced the fun of catching multiple fish on the same line as well as everyone getting a line full at the exact same time. The wharf can get pretty load on days like that.

We walked down the road leading off the wharf so I could get a couple of photos even though everything was closed. Well there was a lady in a shop who was taking supplies out to the lobster fishing tour boat. When she saw me with my camera she opened up two big wooden doors in the front of her shop. She made my day.

local shoppe wharf

bouysFor as long as I have seen buoys I have wanted one or two so when the inside of those doors swung open I got the biggest smile on my face and then so did she. I looked around for a while and then bought a couple to bring home to my Mann Cave / office.

I got a few photos of the buoys on the doors as well and put my buoys around my neck on a rope and walked back to the car so we could head off to our next point of interest on a rainy autumn day.

It started to rain again so we drove around looking at the autumn colours for a while and when it stopped we were at Queen’s Wharf road which is the road we turn down to do some ice fishing in those chilly months. Sure looks different in the summer.

queen's wharf road

We drove further up the coast looking at all the autumn colours and then headed back to Moncton where we drove up Indian Mountain to see what Moncton looked like from that vantage point.

moncton from indian mountain

Unfortunately the clouds were only getting thicker, the wind stronger and harder rain so we didn’t stay up there long. Just long enough that I know I want to go back on a calm sunny day and again on a nice calm night.